4 Traits Rich Older Women Look For In Younger Men

rich older womenIt’s not uncommon for older women to be attracted to younger men.  It may be because she’s already beyond the games and wants to settle down with someone. It may be because she’s successful in her career and has sacrificed her personal life for her professional one.  Whatever the reason may be, she’s looking for a younger man that really wants to spend time with her – someone that will win her heart.

With that in mind, there are certain things older rich women are looking for in a mate.

4 Things Rich, Older Women Want In Younger Men

Someone Who Takes Pride In Their Appearance

Older women tend to be more fashionable, and they are often attracted to younger men who take pride in their appearance. She’s often looking for a man who loves to workout, eats healthy, keeps himself groomed regularly. An older woman doesn’t like to date young men who’d rather drink beer or sit on the couch playing games all day.
The little things are what attract older women to younger men.

Also, older men tend to have wrinkles – something younger men have yet to develop.

Someone Who Doesn’t Play Games
Younger men are known to be players, meaning they’ll go from one girl one week to another girl the next week. However, some young men are not like this, and that’s what rich, older women tend to go for. They want something who is more down-to-earth and willing to settle down sooner rather than later.

Someone Who Likes Having Fun

Rich women who are older still like to have fun from time to time. Many men her own age tend to be set in their ways and not all that up for adventures.  They also have a lot of responsibilities. For her, it’s not the matter of passing time but passing time with someone she can connect and have fun with. Again, she doesn’t want a person who spends all his time playing role-playing games or anything like that.

Someone Who Is Honest and Outspoken

Remember, an older woman wants someone who’s not going to play games with her. She wants a man that will be honest and not afraid to speak his mind. When an older, rich woman is looking for a younger man to spend her time with – potentially getting older with, she’s going to be on the lookout for how honest he is.  Does he always agree with everything she says? Does he appear to kowtow to everything she wants or needs?