Case Studies: Rich Women Looking For Men

Hi, my name Tessy and I’m one of the many rich women looking for men online. It’s been a tough journey so far because many men feel that when rich women search for men, they are either desperate or ugly.

I want to take this opportunity to bust the myth wide open. I will show you case studies of rich women who choose to look for men online and why.

First of all, let’s start with my story…     Tessy Milkova, 35 years old  I’m at the peak of my prime years, beautiful by all standards, sexy and rich. I worked my ass off all these years to make a life for myself and I’ll make no apologies for it. Didn’t have time to date because I spent most of my late twenties and early thirties closing deals and climbing the corporate ladder to where I am today.

Earning a 6-figure income brought me peace of mind, but down the road, I forgot how to ‘date’ – or maybe dating evolved.     Now you can’t call me a ‘cougar’ or ‘desperate’. I just don’t have time to go through the merry-go-round of getting to know any of the guys I’ve met recently.

Working in the high echelons of stockbroking, I’ve come to learn that time is critical for every deal. So, I’m looking for a guy my age or older, who understands and appreciates my philosophy. Why waste time, when a dating site that focuses on rich women looking for men can help me weed out the unserious proposals.

Case Studies: Rich Women Looking For Men

Betsy Caleeb, 42 years old  Awesome lady with a demure look. She wants a guy who will not only love her for who she is but also love her kids too.

She has been in many bad relationships with younger men who only wanted her for money, and now, she wants to meet men online who are older than she is.

Juliet Johnson, 48 years old  Jules is a classic beauty and has only ever been interested in older men. She is fabulous and rich! She only wants to date men who are also rich.

Do you blame her? The older some women get, the more they crave substance in a relationship. Just like rich guys, rich women also have problems finding true love.

Lessons Learned From These Rich Women Looking For Men

There are some takeaways from the above 3 case studies.

  • Don’t think that rich women only want younger guys. Nope! We want men who will appreciate and love us irrespective of our age or money.
  • Don’t ever believe the myth that women who look for dates online are desperate. Busy people have no time to date especially if there are uncertainties. Online websites like helps us eliminate the fluff!
  • Don’t think it’s all about sex. I know that sex is important, but sex is cheap! Rich women can afford to buy sex believe me. What we want is a man who wants more than sex.
  • Don’t believe that rich women are frigid. Okay, I heard this one the other day. Some dude I went on a date with sort of spilled out his thoughts and said that I must be frigid because I’m single.
  •   Making money takes a lot of hard work and commitment. I choose to put my work before my social life. That does not mean that I don’t get w*t!!!