5 of the Best Ways to Meet a Rich Woman

While money doesn’t equate to love or compatibility, not many can deny that it’s generally an attractive quality, especially in this day and age. If you want to get a rich woman, you have to start hanging out where these rich women like to hangout. You’ll need to surround yourself with affluence because that’s mostly what attracts them as well. While traditionally the beauty and youth of the woman was traded for comfortable living, these days some single women have found themselves with power and wealth and are open to dating less successful men. Let’s look at the five best ways you can meet a rich woman.


Matchmaking services are commonly known to be one of the best ways you can find the exact partner your looking for, even if it means a wealthy woman. If you’re very serious about wanting to meet rich women, then using the services of a professional matchmaker might just be your best bet. Successful women usually have a thousand and one things to do with their time, so when it comes to dating and searching for viable mates most of them would rather use the services of a professional to save time. The more discreet the more premium the services for most of these portals.


Many people that have tasted success in their careers or business and made a fortune doing it are often times actively involved in a cause they hold dear to their hearts. This is even more true for the single rich woman, who has loads of cash to spend however they wish. So, charity dinners and fundraising galas are some of the best places you’ll find rich single women that can afford to take on a less than successful partner. And don’t fret too much when you see these women walking in with someone on their arm. Most of the time they’re just colleagues or friends.


If you’re not that into crowds but you’re still interested in meeting these rich women, then you might want to try hanging out in places where these women go to relax and have a good time. Successful people not only work hard for their money, but they like to play equally as hard as well. Okay, most of the time these places will have insanely priced entrance fees, however, you can try getting in as a volunteer or hunt down a rich friend to get you in. The places we’re talking about include the likes of exclusive, high-end gyms, health resorts and luxury spas. All these places usually have a ton of millionaire women hanging about and enjoying their spare time.


The upper echelon of society love to see and also be seen as well. There’s no better place to do this for them than to attend the most exclusive high-end lifestyle events. The jet-setting eye catching rich woman can’t resist an elegant show in which she can showcase her new Michael Kors jewelry or her limited edition Chanel bag. These events can range from high-brow art gallery auctions to luxury brand promotional parties to exclusive movie premiers and so on. Remember to come through looking as sharp as you can lest you get overshadowed by the whole scene.


This goes without saying, but the rich woman will most likely spend a lot of time working. So, she’ll most likely have to attend several professional exhibitions, conferences and conventions every now and then. These places can be prime hunting ground if you’re looking to meet rich, successful women. And, the good thing about such events is that they’re usually much easier to get into compared to trying to gain access into their place of business or workplace. Unlike where the at their workplace you’ll need an invite, at these functions you can gain access by joining the promotional/sales team or by volunteering.

A single rich woman isn’t that hard to meet, especially in this day and age of feminist power and equality. In fact, you’re rather lucky because there’s several of them everywhere to choose from. You just have to look in the right places. Hopefully, this article article has gotten you a little woke and you can now re-adjust your search parameters accordingly. Go get your rich woman!

Where to Find Rich Women Dating Sites

rich women dating sites

Rich Women Dating Sites

History has shown the rôles of men and women are constantly changing and the sight of a rich, older man with a trophy woman on his arm is rapidly being eclipsed by wealthy women of all ages, looking for men, older, younger for companionship, love or simply to have someone to take to the office parties.

Rich women dating sites is the place they are frequenting to find the men of their desires. Rich women are using sites like this one for the reason that women are never sure if the man who suddenly appears in her sights, is genuine or is just after her money.

This is a worrying aspect for wealthy women alone. You may think they have everything – the yacht, the jet, the penthouse, and the fawning entourage. And yes, they do have everything money can buy. But they don’t have the love, the companionship of like-minded men and they don’t always know how to find a genuine man to share the good things in her life.

A wealthy woman has high expectations and standards which must be kept up. She is not into slumming. She wants to keep the image and lifestyle she is used to and uneducated or ill-mannered men will not even get in the door.

Have respect for her position, her wealth and show that respect by treating her as the lady she is. She would be a world-traveler and expects to date someone who has done likewise. Rich women have seen all the moves and can counter them with a flick of her beautifully-manicure finger. So don’t try and be someone you are not just to impress her. Let’s face it – she can and will do better. Make life easier for her, be yourself – be genuine and you will find her appreciation to be everything you want.

On rich women dating sites , you will meet rich women of this kind, men have been dreaming of all their lives. You will find all the advice you need on how to look for, meet and greet your wealthy lover.



Where to Meet Rich Women?

rich single womenA lot of men want to meet rich women. They have everything cut out for them right from the finances to security to their social status. They are wealthy because of their own hard work or inheritance but whatever it is, they stand out by the way they conduct themselves.

Rich women are very often sought after for their money and accomplishments by people looking for a little security. However, there are times when another man with the same status equation tries to find someone to share his love with. Irrespective of whether you’re the former or the latter, you can fall in love with anyone at any point of time, planned or not and to help you out a little, we have a list of places to find and meet rich women.

Art Galleries – Where else will you find a woman who has taste and money? A lot of rich single ladies love visiting art galleries for intellectual pursuits and also to buy good paintings. They enjoy being connoisseurs of art and visiting art galleries helps them further in sharpening their knowledge.

Exotic Holiday Destinations – If you have money and you are looking for a little privacy, what better than an exotic vacation that lets you be in peace? Rich women who work very hard all year round tend to look for similar places when on a vacation. A scantily populated holiday location also means less competition for you.

Five Star Hotels – By far one of the easiest places to find rich single women. Five stars offer them respite from their day to day lives. Such places help them to relax and are quite affordable to these women. They go to these places to get what they want and if you’re lucky, you might get it too.

Specialty Shops – Tiny shops tucked in little corners oozing luxury and serving high quality food is the next hangout on our menu. Delicatessen shops, patisseries and chocolate boutique’s allow them to grab their favorite food in an upscale atmosphere.

Fashion shows – What place can be better than a fashion show to bag a little rich lady of your own? If you can manage to get invited to a fashion event, consider yourself halfway there since these events attract many rich and single ladies with a taste of and for the high life.

Upper class Bars – Now where do rich women go when they need a drink? A classy bar of course! Bars have single women who come in clusters, the environment is relaxed and easy and the comfortable atmosphere makes going up to one of these women a lot easier.

Expensive Clothing Stores – Clothes are something that someone can never have enough of. Expensive clothing stores cater only to those who can manage to pay for what they sell, so it’s a sure shot winner on our list.

Online Rich Women Dating Websites – This is the newest and by far the easiest way to find rich and single women. All you have to do is sit at home, register yourself on rich women looking for men dating websites and just wait for magic to be created. Some of these websites charge a registration fee so keep your investment in mind.

High End Jewelry Stores – What can attract a woman more than jewelry? Jewelry stores attract women with refined tastes and who have the money to pay for it.

High Society Parties – This is one of the very obvious places to find single women who suit your needs. These parties are full of the most well connected people in the city, all them accomplished and rich. You get an invite into one of these and you’ve hit the jackpot.

Nightclubs – Nightclubs are a haven for women who are rich and love to splurge. The more exclusive they get, the richer the people in them get and any nightclub you go to is always bustling with women who’ve come for a ‘girl’s night out’.

There is a lot rich single women you can find around you, and now you also know the kind of places they usually hang out in. But,it’s not over:. You also have to focus on how to talk to them once you see them, how to conduct yourself around them, your etiquette, and so much more so all the best for that. Just remember, it’s all in the mind.



Meet Rich Women Review

Meet Rich Women

 Chance of getting a date
 Protect privacy
 Customer service
 Value for money



During a brief media interaction, CEO of the Meet Rich Women said, “There are many websites exclusive to millionaire dating. However, most websites have a larger number of male members in comparison to women. Through this platform, we aim to target women who seek men.” Since its inception, the website has witnessed a fair deal of success.

In fact, the website has garnered an impressive membership base mainly comprising of top CEOs, Hollywood celebs, super models, doctors, athletes and lawyers among others. “We aim to make this website bigger and popular in the near

future. Our teams continue to collect feedback from consumers and strive to improve the website’s user experience.”

The website claims to have obtained specialization in connecting rich women with both young and old men from across the globe. In fact, it has given rich women an immaculate platform to find an ordinary person to date and get into a relationship. A regular user of the website, who prefers to keep her name anonymous said, “I have been using the website for about 6 months and have opted for gold membership. I’ve been a member of several websites before, but none could suffice my needs.”

“The membership base of this website is humongous and that has made it easy for me to choose the right person. Many men have tried contacting me, some young and some old. Overall, I’ve met very interesting people on this website. If fortune continues to be on my side, I’ll definitely find the man of my dreams soon”, she added.

Meet Rich Women offers users with a plethora of features. Some of the striking features of this website include –

  • Create a free profile and add personal photos.
  • Chat with interesting people in the chat rooms.
  • Send flirts / winks for free.
  • Search for members based on your preferences such as age, country and state.
  • Read blog posts on dating wealthy women.
  • View high quality pictures of members.
  • Avail round the clock customer service.

James, a member of the website who is now married to the CEO of a popular company shared his experiences with us. He said, “Initially I was skeptical about the entire concept of online dating. I wasn’t sure if it could help me find an ideal match. However, once I got used to the interface of Meet Rich Women, there was no looking back. I made some really good connections but the connection I had with her was something very special.”

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